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G60: TSA Air Sampling Plates, 15x100mm (Sleeves of 10), Hardy

G60: TSA Air Sampling Plates, 15x100mm (Sleeves of 10), Hardy

Hardy, G60

$ 17.00

TSA (Tryptic Soy Agar/Tryptic Soy Agar) 15x100mm biplate, order by the package of 10.

For use as a general growth medium for the isolation and cultivation of microorganisms. This medium is also recommended for use in the cultivation, storage, maintenance, and transportation of pure cultures of microorganisms.


Common Test Codes related to this product:

Surface/Wipe, Bacterial Count w/ Full Genus ID - TAT 3 Days, Test Code 1005

Air, USP 797 Bacterial Counts with ID, TAT 2-3 Day, Test Code 1107

Air, USP 797 Bacterial Speciation up to 3 Isolates, TAT 5-7 Day, Test Code 1113


Additional test codes for bacterial testing can be found here


SHIPPING NOTE: Media can only be shipped Monday - Thursday. MUST SHIP OVERNIGHT. This item will ship direct from the manufacturer rather than with the other items on your order. Actual freight charges from the manufacturer will be applied at time of shipment.

Harmonized code for international shipments:

3821000000 - Prepared culture media for development or maintenance of microorganisms

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