SabDex (Sabouraud Dextrose Agar) Culture plates (Sleeve of 10)

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This product is for human diagnostic use. For a similar product that is intended for laboratory use, but not human diagnostic use, see Cat. no. W701 (or for a SabDex that has an inert blue dye for differentiation from other plates, see W82)


Common Test Codes related to this product: 

Air, Fungal Count w/ Complete Genus Identification - TAT 5-7 Days, Test Code 1030

Air, USP 797 Culture Fungal Counts Only, TAT 5-7 Day, Test Code 1208

Air, USP 797 Fungal Counts with ID, TAT 5-7 Day, Test Code 1108

Air, USP 797 Fungal Speciation up to 3 Isolates, TAT 5-7 Day, Test Code 1114


Additional test codes for fungal testing can be found here

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