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Zefon, Ultimate Mold Sampling Starter Kit, 120V


Zefon, Ultimate Mold Sampling Starter Kit, 120V

$ 580.00

Starter kits are an easy, convenient way to get everything you need to begin sampling for mold. Each kit comes in a convenient toolbox style carrying case and includes basic set-up and use instructions.

 BASE KIT  • Z-Lite IAQ Pump (includes integrated combination flow meter/regulator valve)
• Tubing
• Sampling Stand
• Bioisolation Filter
• Toolbox Style Carrying Case
 SAMPLING MEDIA  • 10 Air-O-Cell®  • 20 Air-O-Cell®
• 25 Bio-Tape™ Slides
• 10 Mold Swabs 
 • 50 Air-O-Cell®
• 50 Bio-Tape™ Slides
• 50 Mold Swabs
• 10 wall attachments

Note: The media included in these kits have a limited shelf life. Carrying case style and color may vary.

Dr. Z says....
Don’t forget to attend training classes for the proper use of this equipment and testing of mold. Our starter kits provide everything you need to begin testing along with general instructions on using the equipment. This is not intended to replace formal instruction, nor is it intended to teach how to perform an inspection. If you need help in locating a reputable training company, contact our sales department.

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