TSI VELOCICALC® Multi-Function Air Velocity Meters, Zefon

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The TSI VELOCICALC® Model 9565-P is a portable, hand-held, multi-function ventilation test instrument featuring a menu-driven user interface for easy operation in your local language. On-screen prompts and step-by-step instructions guide the user through instrument setup, operation, and field calibration.

The TSI VELOCICALC 9565-P includes a differential pressure sensor, tubing and static pressure probe, hard carrying case, 4 alkaline batteries, USB cable, universal power supply, instruction manual, calibration certificate, LogDat2 and TRAKPRO downloading software. Probes are sold separately.

Features and Benefits
  • Best-in-class air velocity accuracy
  • Utilizes “smart” plug-in probes, including VOC, CO2, and rotating vane probes (sold separately)
  • Accommodates up to two K-alloy thermocouples
  • Large graphic display
    - Displays up to five measurements simultaneously
    - On-screen messages and instructions
    - Program for local language
  • Intuitive menu structure allows for ease of use and setup
  • Multiple data logging formats
  • Ergonomic overmolded case
  • Keypad lockout to prevent tampering
  • Bluetooth communications for transferring data or remote polling
  • Includes TRAKPRO™ and LogDat2™ downloading software with USB cable
Probes Available
#964 Air Velocity Probe, Straight, with Temperature and Humidity
#966 Air Velocity Probe, Articulated, with Temperature and Humidity
#980 IAQ Probe with Temperature, Humidity and CO2
#982 IAQ Probe with Temperature, Humidity, CO2, and CO
#986 VOC Probe, Low Concentration (ppb) with Temperature, Humidity and CO2
#987 VOC Probe, High Concentration (ppm) with Temperature, Humidity and CO2

Note: The VELOCICALC 9565 paired with the #982 IAQ probe is the same as the popular TSI Q-Trak product.