Swab, w/stuarts liquid, SINGLE plastic/rayon tip, 50/pack, Hardy

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Transporter®, Liquid Stuart, Single, Plastic Shaft, Rayon Tip Swab, White Cap 50 per box, by Healthlink

Stuart Media, invented by Dr. R.D Stuart, was the first media for transporting clinical swab samples. Hardy offers Stuart Medium in two formats:

- Liquid Stuart for Rapid Strep A Antigen Tests and Aerobic Culture
- Stuart Agar Gel for Aerobic Culture

Liquid Stuart Medium Bacteriology Swab Collection System
For Rapid Strep A Antigen Tests and Aerobic Culture
Liquid Stuart swab collection systems are available in various sizes for multiple applications. Regular size swabs are typically used for throat, vaginal, wound and skin samples. Minitip size swabs are typically used for pediatric sampling, ear, nose, throat, eye and male urethral swab sampling. Swabs are also available with different shaft material depending on the application and preference of the user.

No glass ampoules to break, no seal or barriers to puncture or dry out swabs.

No Dry Swabs
Swabs are in direct contact with fluid-filled sponge, which acts as a moisture reservoir for the 1mL of liquid transport media that is designed to stay in place during use.