Aerobiology Heater/Cooler Perfusion Kit

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Includes: 2 (500 ml) sampling bottles, sampling protocol, labels, ice pack and COC.

Test codes for Heater/Cooler Perfusion:

Shipping info: Ship samples with cold packs. All Samples must arrive at our laboratory on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid paying weekend fees.

Samples accepted ONLY at the Virginia laboratory. 

Test Code Test Name Max Hold Time

Water, Culture, Mycobacterium Culture, TAT 6 Week

24 Hours

Water, Heterotrophic Plate Count with Dilutions, Heart Perfusion, TAT 2-3 Day

24 Hours

Water, Potable, E.coli/total coliforms, P/A, Heart Perfusion, TAT 2-3 Day

24 Hours

Water, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudolert P/A, TAT 2-3 Day

24 Hours
 *If positive: Test code 1142, Add on, Mycobacterium speciation will be done after 3-5 days.


Heater/Cooler Perfusion Chain-of-Custody: click here.


We only accept samples on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the 24 - 48 hour test period and the laboratory is not open on the weekends. Weekend work must be pre-arranged with additional fees.


Free to Aerobiology clients with Analysis*