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Aerobiology Heater/Cooler Perfusion (Sorin) Kit

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Aerobiology Heater/Cooler Perfusion (Sorin) Kit

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Includes: 2 (500 ml) sampling bottles, sampling protocol, labels, ice pack and COC.

Heater/Cooler Perfusion sampling protocol: click here. Samples must be sent back within 24 hours of sampling with an ice pack. 

Test codes for Heater/Cooler Perfusion:

Water culture for Mycobacterium with speciation: Test code 1096 + Test code 1142 (7 weeks)

Heterotrophic plate count (HPC): Test code 3056 (TAT: 48 hrs.)

E.coli and total coliforms (P/A): Test code 3011 (TAT: 48 hrs.)

Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P/A): Test code 6009.1 (TAT: 48hrs)


Heater/Cooler Perfusion Chain-of-Custody: click here.


We only accept samples on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday due to the 24 - 48 hour test period and the laboratory is not open on the weekends. Weekend work must be pre-arranged with additional fees.


Free to Aerobiology clients with Analysis*

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