SAS Sampler 180, 90mm Air/Petri plates head

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The SAS Super 100 & 180 microbial air samplers are the top choices of the world's leading pharmaceutical and food companies, as well as numerous governments around the world for detection of microbial contamination and air quality testing.

Featuring a powerful, high volume air flow of 100 and 180 liters per minute, respectively, the Super 100 & Super 180 are the perfect choices for your demanding air sampling needs -- whether it be in a clean room, hospital, or place of research.

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Common Test Codes related to this product: 

Air, Bacterial Count w/ Full Genus ID, TAT 2-3 Day, Test Code 1005

Air, USP 797 Bacterial Counts with ID, TAT 2-3 Day, Test Code 1107

Air, USP 797 Fungal Counts with ID, TAT 5-7 Day, Test Code 1108