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SAS Pinocchio Head, Gas Air Sampler

SAS Pinocchio Head, Gas Air Sampler

Aerobiology Supplies, 39089 CONTACT/35026 AIR

$ 6,400.00

Key Benefits of the SAS Pinocchio Super II Compressed Gas Air Sampler, 100 mm plate Rental

Method of use:

1) Insert agar plate

2) Connect Pinocchio II to compressed air/gas output

3) Adjust air flow with meter knob

4) Control volume of compressed air/gas by setting timer, e.g. 5½ minutes provides 1000 liters

5) Remove agar plate for incubation for CFU count


For information on Disinfection of the unit, click here.

FAQ for the Pinocchio, click here.

Application note and guide, click here

Simplex Connections, click here

 Air and hand sampling methods, click here

*Before this equipment ships you will be contacted if additional shipping charges are incurred. 


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