3M Sponge-Stick with 10 mL Neutralizing Buffer (Pack of 25 sponges)

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 Stick-mounted sponge design allows the ability to access hard to reach areas without directly handling the sponge.

  • Stick-mounted sponge design provides the ability to easily snap off the sponge from the handle after swabbing.
  • Simplified packaging minimizes handling and preparation and reduces waste.
  • 1.5 x 3 inch biocide-free sponge does not affect organism viability.
  • 6 x 11 inch sample bag with a 30 oz/0.89 L capacity included for safe, convenient transportation to lab.


The 3M™ Sponge-Stick with 10 mL Neutralizing Buffer uses simplified packaging to minimize handling and preparation, and reduces waste.

 Common Test Codes related to this product: 

Surface/Wipe, Bacterial Count w/ Full Genus ID - TAT 3 Days, Test Code 1006

Instructions on how to use the sponge sticks.