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Packaging Changes to Media

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. As part of our effort to maintain continuity of supply and transparency of service to our customer family, the purpose of this notification is to inform you that Hardy Diagnostics is implementing some changes to the bag material used with our plated media products with 2-8°C labeled storage conditions. This change affects mono and multi-section plates, as well as contact plates. Please note: these changes will notaffect our triple bagged irradiated plated media line at this time.


The alternative packaging materials are composed of films with comparable quality, clarity, durability, and material specifications to our existing plated media bags. The materials have been tested and sourced from qualified suppliers, and found to be equivalent to the existing material. It is expected to be phased in over the coming weeks to months where you can anticipate a period where your shipments may contain media with both the old and new packaging material, depending upon the date of manufacture. The alternative material may appear visibly different in composition and thickness, but the change will not affect the product’s intended use, storage conditions, or shelf life. The manufacturing process remains unchanged and existing product validation and product specifications remain valid.


We appreciate your continued use of Hardy Diagnostics for these products and we look forward to assisting you with any questions with regard to this change. We encourage you to contact our Technical Service Department at the following number: 800.266.2222, option 2; or by email at, if you have additional questions. 

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