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Why you need to know about the new Legionella regulation changes!

Claire Blevins Legionella

The CMS just released new guidelines this week regarding Medicaid and Medicare certified healthcare facilities. The prevention of Legionella in these buildings is vital and these new guidelines are aimed to protect those who are most at risk.  Click here to read more about the guidelines and how they affect you.   Aerobiology is your partner in the fight to prevent Legionella contamination and protect your customers. With seven CDC Elite locations coast to coast we're always here to help you! 

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Aerobiology Laboratory's Perspective of USP 797 Guidelines and Why it Matters to You

Claire Blevins USP 797

Why do <USP 797> guidelines still matter after 10 years?  Reason is, revisions are being suggested continuously, and changes are being proposed by <USP> as we speak. While we wait for those changes to become official, Aerobiology feels it is extremely important that we understand the environmental sampling guidelines and best practices that are applicable now.  At the annual CETA national conference held in Innesbrook, Florida, we were honored to be asked to contribute an article on behalf of a laboratory's viewpoint on <USP 797>.  Aerobiology has been in the laboratory business for 20 years, and we have been servicing...

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